Stories of Success

The Delaware State Housing Authority helps thousands of renters and homeowners stay in their home. Read a few of our success stories from participants in out programs below.

She Had the focus, Drive and Determination to Succeed

When I think of a recent success story, I think of the success of Ms. Shaneka Craig who participated in our Moving-to Work (MTW) program.


She is 64, Raising her two Grandchildren, and facing eviction.

After being injured on the job, she discovered her employer did not have workman’s compensation insurance. Not being able to work made it difficult to pay her rent..


A rent increase of $200 on a fixed income, forced them to Default

Our constituents are retired and on a fixed income (SSA). They’ve lived in the same mobile home for 17 years, paying $450/month. Then, the landlord increased their rent by $200.