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DSHA “Moving-to-Work” Program Success.

When I think of a recent success story, I easily think of the success of Ms. Shaneka Craig. Ms. Craig began participating in our Moving-to Work (MTW) program since January 2016, when she received her Housing Choice Voucher. The day Ms. Craig received her voucher, she never dreamed that she would enter homeownership for the very first time six years later.
Throughout Ms. Craig’s time in the MTW program, she maintained her employment and increased her earnings and savings through yearly increases and bonuses given by her employer. Ms. Craig worked diligently with her Financial Literacy Coach at NCALL to decrease her debt and improve her credit score.
Ms. Craig credits her Case Manager for getting through this process, but Ms. Craig did all the work! Ms. Craig has a drive and determination to succeed. She didn’t give up, even when times were tough. Ms. Craig kept fighting and focusing on her goals. Ms. Craig now has a place of her own to create memories with her children, and whenever she opens her front door, she will be reminded that she can do anything!