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“17 years, paying $450/month, then suddenly, the landlord raised the rent by $200.”


Our constituents are retired and on a fixed income (SSA). He and his wife had been living in the same mobile home for 17 years, paying $450/month just for the mobile home. Then suddenly, the landlord raised the rent by $200.

Faster than they could imagine, the couple defaulted on their rent payments. By the time the landlord filed an eviction action, our constituents were in arrears by over $6,300.

Over the past 17 years, the mobile home had fallen into disrepair, and constituents were looking to move into a rental unit in better condition. This would prove to be a challenging feat. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted the rental housing market. As a result, rental costs throughout the country increased significantly.

With the assistance of counsel, the parties could negotiate a settlement agreement that included a resolution of back-rent through DEHAP assistance, possession of the mobile home back to the landlord at a mutually favorable date, and a fresh start for both constituents.

The settlement agreement that was negotiated to include payment of back-rent with DEHAP funds ensured that our constituents would avoid having an eviction on their record; and will ensure that they remain housed going forward.